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Which games Ohio State's commits are slated to play in this January

We are several months away from a pair of games being played that will feature elite prospects from different parts of the nation.

Those events are the All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas, and the Under Armour All-America Game in Orlando, Florida. The All-American Bowl is slated to be played on Jan. 2, while the UAAA Game will take place five days later.

A handful of United States-based Ohio State commits currently aren't pledged to participate in any of these games: Andre Turrentine, Denzel Burke, Jantzen Dunn, Jaylen Johnson and Sam Hart.

Down below, I list which games each of the other future Buckeyes will be participating in by the time the first week of January rolls around.

All-American Bowl Commits


Breakdown: Sawyer committed to play in the All-American Bowl well over a year ago, and it does not appear as if he will change his mind. It's always beneficial to have your highest rated pledge at an event with so much talent around, so we'll see if Sawyer puts on his recruiting hat in San Antonio.

Breakdown: It will not be a far way to go for the Houston-based prospect as Jackson will be making the nearly three-hour trip to San Antonio for the All-American Bowl. Some of the noteworthy players he may be going up against in the trenches during this game are Leonard Taylor, Maason Smith and potentially J.T. Tuimoloau.

Breakdown: This event will be important for McCord for a couple of reasons. First of all, if he's not a five-star by then, a strong showing in the Lone Star State could bump him up to five-star status.

Also, he might have the chance to be throwing the ball to potential future teammate Emeka Egbuka. Even if they're not on the same team, McCord will surely be recruiting the coveted wide receiver, assuming Egbuka has not already signed his NLI by the time the game is played.

Breakdown: The top-ranked cornerback in the 2021 cycle actually announced his commitment to play in the UAAA Game earlier this year. In May, however, Johnson received an invite to play in the All-American Bowl, and flipped his commitment a few days later.

Breakdown: Unfortunately, Pryor will be unable to play his senior season as high school football won't take place in North Carolina until the spring. He will, however, get to showcase his talents on Jan. 2 and make a case for rising in the rankings yet again.

Breakdown: Similarly to Pryor, Henderson will also not be able to play football until he arrives in Columbus, but will get to play in the All-American Bowl. He's the type of running back you should pay attention to at all times because he's a highlight waiting to happen, so I believe he could turn in a solid performance.

Breakdown: Hall has been playing well for Streetsboro High School, which is currently 4-0 on the season. If he doesn't receive a rankings bump in the coming months, then a great showing at the All-American Bowl can assist him in rising up on our network.

Like Johnson, Hall had previously been committed to the UAAA game before reversing his decision back in May.

Breakdown: Carrico has been inflicting punishment on opposing defenders as a running back this season, but he'll get a chance to demonstrate why he's one of the top linebackers in the country on a national broadcast.

Breakdown: For one reason or another, Ballard is one of those guys who has somewhat fallen under the radar, in my opinion. Well, he'll have the opportunity to put his talents on display with several future D1 college quarterbacks throwing to him in January.

Breakdown: Even though he opted not to play this season due to his parents' health conditions, Hancock still seems intent on participating in the All-American Bowl. He's on the outside looking in when it comes to the Rivals100, but could ultimately wind up there if he performs well in San Antonio.

Breakdown: Fortunately, I checked Harrison Jr.'s Twitter timeline one more time before publishing this story. When I mentioned him in last Sunday's Skull Session, he was committed to the UAAA Game.

Now, however, he is committed to the All-American Bowl as he announced his commitment to the game yesterday. I suspected this would probably happen with high school teammate Kyle McCord and so many other Buckeye pledges participating in the game, so it's not too big of a shocker.

Breakdown: A couple of days ago, Williams announced that he will be decommitting from the UAAA Game, and will instead be playing in the All-American Bowl. He's someone who could sneak into the Rivals250 with a great week in San Antonio, so we'll be sure to pay attention to him.

Under Armour All-America Game Commit

Breakdown: The lone Ohio State commit set to participate in the UAAA Game is Ben Christman. He's been a prominent recruiter for his future team, so having at least one future Buckeye in Orlando is an ideal scenario for Ryan Day's program.

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