FINDLAY, Ohio – It’s a chaotic scene. Just how Avery Lane wants it.

More than two dozen members of Findlay’s high school football team stuff themselves inside the Trojans’ weight room on a gray, rainy April day in Northwest Ohio. There’s some calm before the frenzy as Lane, the team’s strength and conditioning coach, details this evening’s lower body workout etched in red marker on a dry-erase board.

Luke Montgomery is the captain here among the players, leading them in both the amount of weight he straps to the barbells and an infectious, passionate, Type A personality that makes him worthy of the nickname “Mr. Presidential.”

Montgomery, whose stock has skyrocketed over the past several months as he’s become an Ohio State commit and one of the highest-ranked offensive line recruits in the country, is now in his element.

He slaps on tonight’s workout playlist featuring an exclusive dose of rap. Everyone is now on the same page with the work expected to get done.

It’s on.

Hip-hop artists Lil Baby, Kendrick Lamar and Nardo Wick blast their vocals against the white-painted cement brick walls and give the black, blue and yellow squat racks an extra little shake, pumping juice into a rigorous, lightning-paced workout.

First, an explosive warmup focused on foot quickness by navigating rope-crafted ladders laying on the ground. From there, came the main course: Bulgarian bench tuck jumps, heavy trap bar deadlifts, straight bar split squats, box jumps, dumbbell Romanian deadlifts, single-leg medicine ball slams, lower back extensions, medicine ball wall tosses, Battle Ropes and bicep curls.

Don’t know what half of those exercises are? That’s OK. Neither did we. But the larger point remains: It’s quick, explosive, exhausting, jam-packed and it’s over in 45 minutes, taking twice as long just to drive to Findlay from Columbus than to complete the entire workout.

These types of workouts have been at the core of building one of the top teams in Northwest Ohio. And for the past 12-plus months they have buoyed one of the most important physical progressions for Ohio State's future.

The subject of that case study now rests on a wooden bench in the weight room.