Whats the cost to see The Game

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - "The Game" has always been a tough ticket to land if you are a Buckeye or Wolverine fan but the 2012 game has gotten a little bit more expensive as the season has gone on. The Buckeyes have plenty on the line with a chance at a perfect season, a slim chance at an AP National Championship and most importantly, a chance to just beat Michigan all on the line.

Face value for Ohio State tickets start at $70 but there are not going to be any seats at 'face' unless you have a kind uncle or a friend of a friend. Our friends at have run the numbers of the Michigan/Ohio State game as well as all of the other big games from around the weekend and the data shows the most expensive game of the holiday weekend will be at The Horseshoe.

The average price (as of Monday) for a ticket to "The Game" checked in at $330.25 and that checks in as the 7th most expensive game of the entire season, nationally. The most expensive game to date for the year was the game between Alabama vs. LSU ($462) and was followed up by Michigan vs. Alabama ($354). The Wolverines were also involved in the third most expensive ticket in their game against Notre Dame ($350).

The $330.25 ticket price eclipses all other games of the weekend with the "Iron Bowl" (Auburn at Alabama) coming in at $292.90. BCS No. 1 ranked Notre Dame vs. Southern Cal comes in at $221.05. The Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State is just a few dollars cheaper at $216.90. And the Battle for the state of South Carolina finished off the list with South Carolina vs. Clemson coming in at $201.39 on average (all prices based upon Monday data).


For those wondering where this year's price ranks among the last couple of seasons for "The Game"... it ranks somewhere in the middle. The price for the 2010 game, at Ohio Stadium, checked in on average at $388.18 while the 2011 game, in Ann Arbor (Mich.), was much less expensive at $230.36.

The most surprising piece of data however is that the price of tickets have actually been declining since a high in mid-October when the 7-day trailing average price ticket for the game stood at $331. Sure, it is a difference of 75-cents but one would have thought with a perfect season on the line that the price would have been moving up rather than down (or remaining essentially unchanged).

Our partners at offer the most convenient option to get tickets to this game and every sporting event. Compare prices among all of the major ticket resellers and actually see what kind of deal you are getting on the ticket based upon price and location of the tickets.

If you are willing to sit alone you can find seats for $150 (as of Monday) in section 37B but if you are bringing your favorite Buckeye fan with you, expect to pay a little more. The lowest price tickets (non-student) that were in pairs were coming in for $215 a piece in section 6C. Want to sit at the 50-yard-line? Expect to may more than $1000 for club seats.
Be sure to visit to check out the latest prices and pick up your tickets and be part of history as the Buckeyes attempt to go for their 6th ever unbeaten, untied season in program history.