Video: Pryor updates the media

COLUMBUS - The Columbus media got quite the pleasant surprise on Wednesday night when Ohio State allowed sophomore quarterback Terrelle Pryor to speak to the media in the middle of the week rather then the custon allotted time in postgame press conferences.
With the rare opportunity to pick Pryor's brain on some other things aside from what had happened merely minutes earlier in the game, the media took the opportunity to ask some different questions everyone has been wondering about when it comes to Pryor's game.
There have been a ton of different things people have been wondering about when it comes to Pryor, and that ranges from everything to how he feels he has progressed to if he still finds his goal of being a passing quarterback attainable. was on the scene at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center Wednesday night to speak Pryor and get the scoop on where things stand with the sophomore quarterback. Find out all about the happenings with Pryor with these provided video links.
Video: Pryor mid-week update part one
Video: Pryor mid-week update part two