Video: Pryor rates his game


MINNEAPOLIS - Terrelle Pryor became the third Buckeye to surpass the 7,000 yard mark in the category of total yards. But the only record that means anything to Pryor is the one that the team holds.
After a big outing on Saturday night the Buckeyes are now 8-1 on the season and have taken a big step into regaining control of their own destiny. But there will be plenty of time for debating about that during the bye week for people on message boards and talk radio. After the game on Saturday was time to talk about the game that just finished against the Gophers, a game that Ohio State dominated 52-10.
Pryor passed for 222 yards on 18 of 22 passing and then also put up 55 yards on the ground to boot. While it may not have been his highest yardage game of his career it was one of his most efficient despite an interception deep inside the red zone that will bother him for some time to come.
We caught up with Pryor after the game to get his thoughts on how he performed and just about how he feels the team is coming along going into the bye week and beyond. Check it all out here.