Video: Posey ready for a combine run


INDIANAPOLIS - At one point it seemed as if DeVier Posey was assured of a successful NFL career in the future, a pair of 800-plus yard receiving seasons (as a Soph. and Junior), multiple big game catches and a reputation of being a good route runner and good decision maker.

The decision making though was called into question as Posey was hammered time and time again during his senior season and lost all but three games with multiple punishments from the NCAA over off-the-field issues. When it was all said and done Posey had 12 receptions, 162 yards and 2 TDs. That would be a good game for Posey but not what you would want to see out of a season.

So this NFL Combine may not be any more important to any Buckeye than Posey, a limited amount of time to convince NFL personnel that what happened in the past was just a momentary lapse in judgment rather than start of a history of problems.
We caught up with Posey to talk to him at the start of his combine journey to get his thoughts about the process.