Video: Meyer talks about the two deep


COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Ohio State coaching staff has been busy on the road with recruiting but has also had time to start reviewing tape from Spring Practice and making decisions about the two-deep. Granted the whole team was not available for spring drills with several players battling injuries and a couple of potential contributors still in high school.

But head coach Urban Meyer wanted to get a two-deep in place so he could give his team something to build off of, and unlike many other two-deeps, this one is going to stick into the fall unless someone knocks you out of your position or your fail to live up to expectations between now and the start of the season in September.

The two deep can be seen here but we caught up with Meyer on Wednesday to get his thoughts about several of the players who made the list. But the conversation did not stop there. We also got his thoughts on expectations for the team, the leadership of the team and we also touched upon when people not affiliated with the university get a little 'too' involved with the recruiting process and how that can disrupt efforts.