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Video: Down but not out


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Ohio State fans almost realized their greatest fear when Terrelle Pryor went down with an apparent quad injury in the third quarter. Forget that Ohio State was hanging on barely with a 14-10 lead at that point but fears of bigger and longer lasting problems ran through the heads of the sizable Ohio State contingent that made the trip to the game and the rest of the Ohio State nation watching on the Big Ten Network.
By that point of the game Pryor was the main part of the offense rushing for a net of 92 yards and having passed for Ohio State's two touchdowns. The Illini did a great job of shutting down Ohio State's passing game and it was Pryor's legs that were carrying Ohio State.
But on a ten yard scamper Pryor went down near the Illinois sideline and fear reached Defcon One. Pryor had to be helped from the field and walked under his own power back to the Ohio State locker room.
Pryor's absence was not a long one and Pryor would triumpantly would return to the field somewhere between a jog and a run. Pryor was pretty much shut down to just handing the ball off the rest of the way but the presence of the junior quarterback gave Ohio State a spark.
We caught up with Pryor to talk to him about his health, the toughness of the game and about the running game stepped up at the end when Ohio State needed it the most.