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Video: Bucks are focused on the zone


BOSTON - If head coach Jim Boeheim is the first thing that you think of when somebody mentions Syracuse then the 2-3 zone should not be too far behind. The Orange have meticulously run that defense to near perfection for years and it is the next challenge for the Buckeyes on Saturday night.

Ohio State has faced zone defenses in the tournament, including Cincinnati but nobody runs one as well and as unique as Cuse does. But the Buckeyes do have a lot of answers for the zone with the diversity of talent on the team with a mixture of big men and guard play.
We caught up with the Buckeyes on the off-day to find out their thoughts about the zone defense and what they are expecting out of it as well as once and for all trying to get some clarification from DeShaun Thomas about the existence of "DeShaun World". Check it out.