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Here is the recap of Monday’s Scarlet and Gray Message Board Chat with Cleveland Glenville junior defensive back Ted Ginn Jr.
BSB’s Gary Housteau, making the rounds at several Ohio high schools this week, ventured to Glenville to meet with Ted and his father, Glenville coach Ted Ginn Sr.
Housteau promises more fireworks later this week. Enjoy this Chat!
DJMoore22: Of the schools you are looking at, which coaching staff appeals to you the most?
Ginn: Ohio State because of Coach Tressel and Coach Tucker. Pittsburgh because of Walt Harris and his assistant called "Leg."
Vaughn Rednex: Ted, on Sat. I read in the Plain Dealer that you broke 3 records at the Cleveland Senate League meet. What was that experience like and what are your hopes for this year's state meet? Also, would you like the chance to pursue track at your school of choice?
Ginn: I just ran to my ability and it felt great. I didn't know I broke the 110 at the time but I was trying to break the 200 because the first day I ran 21.4 and the record was 21.2. The records just happen it was exciting.
As far as this year's state meet, I want to win the 110 and break the record, win the 200 and break the record and win the 300 and try to break that record. I want to win for my team but the individual records would be nice to obtain.
I plan to run track at whichever school I attend. I would like to run the 110H, 200, 4X400. I make sure all coaches are aware of my intentions to run track when I'm being recruited.
NapervilleBuck: Thanks for taking time out to come here, Ted. I appreciate it.
First of all, what is your timetable for making a decision?
Secondly....would you prefer to play on offense or defense?
Thirdly.....who is the best football player you've played with and played against?
And lastly, will you also run track at your college of choice?
Ginn: My timetable for my decision is after I take all of my visits.
I prefer to play on defense at corner, but I would play on offense at receiver.
Vaughn Rednex: I know last year your dad/coach and you and a lot of your teammates saw a lot of summer camps. Where all are you guys going this year and who all is going?
Ginn: Probably Michigan, Western Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Toledo, Akron, Purdue and Ohio State. We might go to camps at Ohio State. Donte Cloud, Curtis Smith, Freddie Lenix and myself and some others are expected to attend.
whatupits: Ted, what is your best time in the 100 meter dash, also, have you thought about being able to play in the defensive backfield with your ex-teammate Donte to form the best secondary in the country and also possibly Troy at QB.
Ginn: My best 100 meter time is 10.7. It would be good to play in the secondary with Donte, everything is going well for him so far. I would love to catch the ball from Troy we did it high school.
Red Vader: First great to have you visit the site!
1. How much do you stay in contact with Troy and Donte? Are they happy with OSU?
2. Have you thought about an early verbal? A kid like you only helps the future by getting it out of the way. With you on board other kids have to look at that school with more interest. You could really get the ball rolling.
3. How big was it watching OSU win the NC?
4. Do you keep tabs with Fred Davis or Marcus Freeman?
5. Where do you see yourself playing in college? CB or WR? I think you would be a great two way threat with your speed.
6. Who from OSU is recruiting you and what do you think of Tres?
7. Should OSU fans have a good feeling about you joining Donte, Darius and Troy? You will look great in the Scarlet and Grey!
8. Also, what number do you want to wear?
Ginn: I stay in contact every once in a while and they both seem happy at OSU.
I do not plan to issue an early verbal commitment, sorry.
It was real big, I really liked it.
I got Marcus' number and I talk to Fred when I see him at a meet but nothing other than that really.
On defense, but I think about playing two-ways sometimes.
Coach Mel Tucker is recruiting me and I've been knowing Coach Tress for a long time and he's a good man. I've known him through FCA since the 6th or 7th grade.
Yeah Buckeye fans should have a good feeling but I really don't have a favorite right now.
Number 2.
Vaughn Rednex: Ted, did you watch the Fiesta Bowl? What was your reaction when you saw Ohio State pull that out? I think you've said Miami is another school you might consider. Did that game show you anything about OSU?
Best of luck on your decision. You are a special young man and wherever you go (be it OSU or wherever else) I wish you all the luck in the world. Thanks for taking time today to be with us!
Ginn: I felt good that my home state team won the game and the national championship. Miami is a pretty good team, they'll probably be one of my visits.
Red Vader: How good is Freddie Lennox?
How much help has your Dad been in the recruiting process?
Do you like having your dad as a coach?
Who's faster? You or Donte? Who hit's harder? You or Donte? Ha.
Does the Big East break up make you look at Pitt a little differently?
Ginn: He's real good in football and track. In football he's a better defensive player I think.
He's been a help more as a father than as a coach.
I don't know who's faster. I don't know about the hitting. I think I'm better at being a cover corner if that helps.
I don't know enough about that right now.
NapervilleBuck: Whom do you try to pattern your game after(*if anyone*).
Ginn: I try to pattern my game after Charles Woodson but he's not the reason I wear number 2. That was my number in Muni ball.
Gary Housteau: My question for Ted...What are your grades like and do you know if you will enroll early like Donte and can you list a top three as it stands right now?
Ginn: I have good grades I think 3.3 GPA in the core and I will not enroll early because I want to run track.
A top three right now would be Ohio State, Pitt and Michigan in no particular.
BuckNutty: Would playing with Donte, Dareus, and Troy again at Ohio St. be appealing to you? Good luck this season...
Ginn: Yes of course it would but it won't be the deciding reason.
I have to go to my next class now but I want to thank all of you great Buckeye fans for taking the time out during your work day to ask me some questions!
Gary Housteau: Right now I'm sitting in Coach Ginn's office watching a ridiculous display of his son running track. He just made Fred Davis look like he was pulling an ice wagon in the 110H at Dayton Welcome Stadium May 2nd.
On the same day he came from 40 meters behind when he got the baton at the 4X400 and gave his team the lead going into the anchor leg.
He is absolutely ridiculous on the track.
According to his dad, there is a possibility that Teddy Jr. will have to redshirt his freshman year because he will hopefully be involved in the Olympic Trials during the summer before his freshman year and possibly even the 2004 Olympics itself.
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