Skull Session: Big Weekend, Big Developments

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This weekend witnessed one of the largest recruiting weekends in recent memory in Columbus (Ohio) with more than 70 top prospects in attendance to see Ohio State cap off of 12-0 season with a 26-21 win over Michigan. A recruiting weekend if often measured by the amount of recruits that commit within 24-48 hours of the weekend rather than the bigger picture and the 'long game'.

With only a handful of spots left in the class of 2013 the weekend was probably more about the class of 2014 than the class of 2013 but that doesn't take away from the importance for the class of players who will be signing in February of 2013 and the Buckeyes hosted several players that they would love to land in this class.

As the early returns start to come in did the Buckeyes make any headway in the class of 2013? Today is known as "Bloody Sunday" with many teams making coaching changes at the end of the regular season. Could a coach being shown the door open the door for Ohio State or could it go even deeper with a new opportunity for a coach leaving a void that Ohio State can capitalize on?

It wouldn't be a weekly Skull Session without an update on Vonn Bell. He wasn't in Columbus but that doesn't mean that there isn't news about the talented 4-star defensive back.

Plus there were a couple of players that were 'questionable' if they would show up or not. One big name did make it into town quietly while another's absence was noticed as well. What does that all mean?
And finally is there good news to report with the likely No. 1 player in the class of 2014? Da'Shawn Hand was on campus for the game but we break the visit down with our own commentary on how things went.

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That and much, much more in our exclusive Skull Session feature.

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The Skull Session - Big weekend, big developments