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Sibert ready to make transition

In only about a month the highly touted 2010 recruiting class will enter classes at Ohio State. A few weeks ago they all made their way to campus for an official visit, and Jordan Sibert saw what is ahead of him, and he feels the transition is about to go very smoothly.
An official visit to a campus is always a time to get more comfortable with the future and learn about a campus. For Sibert and his classmates there wasn't a whole ton to learn about Ohio State, but still the visit gave them all a chance to play open gym with their future teammates and get a closer look at what the next four years will be like.
"The whole trip was amazing," said Sibert. "I got a good feel for the whole environment and I got to play some open gym. Everything was great. It was just a great feeling."
While Sibert will no doubt have to get bigger and stronger to compete on a daily basis in the Big Ten as a freshman, he feels that he did pretty good in open gym against his older counterparts.
"It was challenging," Sibert said of the open gym. "I realized a lot of things about me. I saw what things I have to work on skill wise, but for the most part it was good. I feel I handled myself well, and I was happy with how I played."
Having committed to Ohio State as a junior, Sibert is very familiar with the place, and he feels the transition to the college level shouldn't be much of a problem.
"I just recently graduated," said Sibert. "The whole transition will be smooth. I just have to make sure my conditioning is right and my weight training is together. I don't see any down points in this whole transition and it should be smooth."
Part of that transition will be to compete on a daily basis for playing time. With the departure of Evan Turner to the NBA, Sibert knows minutes are available and he plans on getting them.
"It is going to be challenging every day in practice," said Sibert. "We all know each other and we are all competitors. At the end of the day I know there is an opportunity to play and I plan to take it. There are no hard feelings at all, and we all love each other, but I am going to work as hard as I can to get as many minutes as I can."
In preparation for the early minutes, Sibert has been working hard on his game. "Pretty much I have been working on my ball handling and my mid-range shot. I think a lot of people are going to be in for a surprise when they see how well I am handling the ball and how I set up my teammates. I have been working on that and my mid-range since I don't like settling for threes anymore."
Sibert summed things up by simply saying, "I think people will be shocked when they see how my game is developing."