BuckeyeGrove - Several future Buckeyes and Ohio State targets react to spring game
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Several future Buckeyes and Ohio State targets react to spring game

Ohio State's spring game definitely had its fair share of highlight-worthy plays.

Several freshmen, including Kyle McCord, Emeka Egbuka and Jack Sawyer, stood out, while familiar faces, such as Garrett Wilson, continued to show why Buckeye fans should be excited for this upcoming season.

After the program's first game in over three months, those who watched it or participated in the game had their thoughts on what they saw on Saturday.

Down below, check out reactions from current and future Buckeyes, as well as a few targets for Ryan Day's staff.

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Reactions we gathered from commits and targets

Hayden: "I didn't get to watch it much, but Emeka [Egbuka] was killing it."

Hicks: "It was amazing. I loved being back in The Shoe and getting to watch some of the early enrollees ball out."

Grayes: "Them boys were looking good. The game was a lot of fun to watch. Shoot, Marvin [Harrison Jr.] and Emeka did great today."

Christian: "Sadly, I didn't get to watch it. Our TV package doesn't come with B1G network... I did see some highlights. Looks like [Kyle] McCord is playing elite already."

Styles: "It was pretty cool. I was really paying attention to number 15, Craig Young, because that’s who they compared me to. And I loved how they used him at the 'Bullet' position. Something I could see myself doing for sure.

"That was my biggest takeaway from the game. It was fun to be in The Shoe as well, it’s been a while. Happy to see my guy Jack Sawyer doing his thing. Got to talk to CJ [Hicks] and Dasan [McCullough], as well as Luke [Montgomery], so that was nice. But it was pretty good.”

James: “I only got to watch the first half because I had a workout but I liked everything I saw. Emeka looked really nice and I can see him playing a good amount of minutes this upcoming season. CJ Stroud looked pretty solid as well, but I was really impressed with Kyle McCord.

"I never heard a lot about him until today and he looked nice. I’m really excited to see how they carry that type of play into the season.”

Padilla: "I loved it. The atmosphere was great and the players were super fun to watch."

Wedin: "Was only able to catch a few snaps but it was interesting to watch some of the younger linemen to see how their developmental progress is going. Wish I could’ve made in up there in person and can’t wait to get up there in June hopefully!"

Johnson: "Great game. Glad to see everyone and can't wait to get to Columbus and play ball."

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