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Pryors guardian: QB to stay at Ohio State

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - In the wake of Jim Tressel's resignation, star quarterback Terrelle Pryor has been rumored to be the next person out of the Ohio State football program.
Though transgressions committed by Pryor have still remained limited to his involvement in the tattoo scandal he and five other players are currently facing suspensions for, other reports of wrongdoing by the quarterback have surfaced in the last week.
Currently the subject of an investigation by Ohio State and the NCAA, rumors that Pryor has flirted with entering his name into the hat for the NFL's supplemental draft have been rampant online.
However, one person incredibly close to Pryor doesn't see that happening. Willie Burns, the legal guardian Pryor lived with while he was in high school in Jeannette, Penn., said he feels Pryor is going to see out his fourth and final year with the program.
"I think he will stay in school," Burns told the Associated Press Friday. "He likes football. Only time will tell. He could change his mind in a minute. But he if he does leave, somebody done pressured his butt -- bad."
Pryor is currently facing a 5-game suspension for selling memorabilia given to him by Ohio State and the quarterback has become known as the ring leader for the "Tat 5" incident among Buckeye football players.
A recent report in Sports Illustrated dove deeper into the tattoo scandal, alleging that the 6-foot-6, 230-pound quarterback had provided at least 20 items to the tattoo shop in question.
If the reports are substantiated, Pryor could be facing harsher punishment, which could signal the end of his eligibility at Ohio State.
Burns said he recently spoke to Pryor.
"I asked him how he was doing and how is he coming along," said Burns, who is also Ohio State running back Jordan Hall's godfather. "He says he's just trying to get all this out of his head and get on with his business."
Pryor's commitment to the team could be seen in his participation in a team-only meeting Monday night at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center hours after Tressel's resignation.
Though Pryor is currently in the midst of an investigation for other benefits he may have received while at Ohio State - he has reportedly been connected to as many as eight different cars in three years - the quarterback currently faces the same 5-game suspension handed down far before Tressel's resignation.
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