BuckeyeGrove - Ohio State commits, targets react to there being Big Ten football this year
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Ohio State commits, targets react to there being Big Ten football this year

Earlier today, the Big Ten announced that after weeks of protesting, speculation and a lot of confusion, their conference will begin playing college football the weekend of Oct. 23-24.

This has been a day Buckeye Nation, and fans of all the other 13 programs in the conference, have been waiting for. It is also a huge day for every player in the Big Ten as some faced the possibility of never being able to suit up for their school's football team ever again.

Along with fans and players celebrating this decision, high school prospects were also thrilled with what transpired on Wednesday morning. Watching the colleges they are interested in take the field this fall will give them an opportunity to evaluate the current state of the program and potentially attend one of their games.

BuckeyeGrove spoke with over a dozen Ohio State commits and targets, including a pair of five-stars, to get their reactions to the Big Ten's announcement.

"I'm pumped up !!! I think Ohio State has a very good chance of winning it all."

"I'm very excited to watch Ohio State ball out. That team they have now is special and I think they will do some damage this year."

"I'm so excited right now. I can't even imagine how excited this team is to get the opportunity to play this season."

"I am extremely happy for the guys. I know how bad they want to compete. Also, coach Day has done an absolutely amazing job fighting for his players and pushing for a season, so a lot of credit to him and the other Big Ten coaches and programs for the job they have done. I can't wait to watch them ball out."

"Very exciting. I'm glad those guys get what they’ve worked for all this time and I can't wait to see my future team play."

"The whole recruiting class is pumped!!! Can't wait to see the Buckeyes back!!"

"The Big Ten deserved to have a football season and compete with other top teams. I was happy for everyone in the Big Ten knowing how much work everyone put in to the season and to get their chance to play in bowl games and in the playoffs."

"When I got that text from Coach [Kevin] Wilson that football will be played this fall, I was absolutely PUMPED. I think they did everything they could to have a season and this is just so awesome. I know they are ready to play and counting down the days to October 24th..."


"I'm glad that the Big Ten is playing. You have good contenders now with Ohio State and Penn State."

"It's awesome! I can't wait to watch some Big Ten football."

"I think it's awesome. I'm excited to watch Big Ten football."

"I saw the news this morning and was fired up about how those guys get to play this fall and can’t wait to see them in action."

"I think it's a great thing for all players in the Big Ten. They got an opportunity I'm sure they didn't think they were going to get."

"It's great to see athletes get the opportunity to do the sport that they love and spend so much time training for. I'm happy for the Big Ten because there are a lot of great schools that are recruiting me very hard and want me to visit. It gives all the recruits an opportunity to see schools compete in the Big Ten vs. other conferences."

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