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Continuing his tour around Ohio, BSB contributor Gary Housteau was at Huber Heights Wayne on Wednesday and conducted a Chat with standout junior linebacker Marcus Freeman. Here are excerpts from that Chat session:
BuckeyeTim: What is your criteria for choosing your college ?
1) distance from home
2) early playing time
3) position/head coach
4) friends/teammates already there
5) academics
And how do you rate the above with the colleges recruiting you?
Who is currently leading?
Freeman: All the schools recruiting me pretty good with all of that criteria and every school is really even right now.
Right now I have no current leader.
Red Vader: Do you prefer MLB or OLB. I would think OLB because of your great speed.
Do you want to redshirt?
College number?
Are you close with any current Buckeye's?
Freeman: Most of the schools say that I'll play outside because of my speed but personally I have no preference, where ever I'm going to get on the field at the fastest.
My freshman year I started at DE but I've started the past two years at MLB.
I have nothing against redshirting, that's just a year to help you learn and get stronger.
I wear number 2 now but I have no preference at the college level.
Many of them. John Hollins is like my big brother, we go to the same church and we've grown up together. Will Allen, we're pretty close and he helps me with a lot of this recruiting stuff and talks to me about the facts of life. Angelo Chattams and Brandon Joe I've met through John up at Ohio State.
Bucks#1fan: First of all, thanks for joining us today. It's much appreciated!
A couple of questions: Growing up, did you have a favorite college football team, and if so, who? Secondly, who is the best offensive player that you've faced during your high school career?
Good luck this year at HHW, and I hope that we'll be hearing some great news from you in the next 6-8 months or so!
Freeman: My favorite college football team growing up was Ohio State.
The best offensive player that I've faced no doubt would be Jeff Backus from Upper Arlington.
AnotherBuck: What fields are you considering for major in college?
What do you see will be your career after football?
Good luck with your recruiting and senior season.
Freeman: I'm either looking at sports management or business but my biggest thing is to take time and look at what each field has to offer me.
I would love to be either an agent or a personal trainer or the owner of a business. Right now I really don't know.
buckeyebri1: Questions for Marcus..
1. Being from the highly OSU supportive Dayton area of Ohio, did you grow up a Buckeye fan?
2. Who would you compare your play to, college or pro?
3. Where did that Michigan having the lead rumor come from?
Freeman: Yes I grew up a Buckeye fan and still am.
I like the way D.J. Williams plays from Miami.
I don't know where the Michigan rumor came from but it didn't come from me. I have no leader right now. Michigan isn't ahead of anybody.
Buckeye Warrior: 1.) What are your top three most appealing aspects about possibly playing for OSU?
2.) Do any of your family and friends attend your games? And if so, would distance become a factor in your selection of a University?
3.) Who is/was your favorite collegiate and pro football players growing up?
4.) What do you like best about Coach Tressel?
5.) Describe your friendship with Fred Davis and Ted Ginn Jr.? And, is it a possibility that the three of you may end up playing at the same school?
Thanks Marcus!
Freeman: The coaches and players period. My family being able to drive an hour to see me play football. And the last thing is running out in front of 106,000 plus Buckeyes fans, you can't beat that.
A lot of my family and friends attend all of my games and I want all of them to be able to see me play too. And yes.
My favorite player growing up was Deion Sanders and right now I would say Ray Lewis because he gives 110% every time he steps on the field and he plays with so much emotion.
First Coach Tressel has a strong faith in God and that impresses me about him and secondly he's a great person period and he's honest.
Over the last year we've become really close, seriously. The biggest thing is that they're in the same position as me so they can relate to all of the problems and the good things. There's a real good chance that we will play at the same school and probably take some of the same visits together.
You're welcome and thank you very much.
BUCKEYEBW: Seriously, does any other school in America offer you better than OSU? Who has a better fan base than OSU?
Who has a crowd at games better than OSU?
Is playing for a national contender a big plus for you?
Freeman: Probably not especially with the closeness of the players but all of the schools can offer me a lot of good things.
I've never been to a place that has a better crowd than OSU.
Yes, no matter if you're playing or redshirting or on the sidelines, it would be a great joy to play for a national contender and especially a national champion.
NapervilleBuck: Does the long list of successful linebackers at Ohio State give you any extra incentive to join that list?
Also....does the LB depth at OSU concern you? Given Coach Tressel/Dantonio's penchant for rotating players and having them play multiple positions, would you have a problem being a part-time rush end, utilizing your speed and hitting ability?
Thanks for taking the time to chat.......and we'd LOVE to have you in the S&G next year!!!
Freeman: I know about the great linebackers at OSU, it would be a great honor to be mentioned among that group some day.
The depth doesn't really concern me, anywhere you go you're going to have great players to compete against.
Getting on the field is all that's important it doesn't matter where at, I just want to get on the field.
whatupits: Marcus, great to have you here. What visits will you be taking, who do you model your game after and will it be an OSU/Michigan battle. What is your favorite color, Scarlet or Maize. Go bucks.
Freeman: Thank you.
It's early but I want to take all five of my official visits.
No not necessarily because there are a lot of other schools I'm looking into at this point.!
BuckeyeTim: With Jim Tressel starting a true freshman RB in Maurice Clarett, meaning the best players play. Does that help OSU in recruiting you?
On a scale of 1 - 10, how do you rate your skills
1) instincts
2) speed
3) strength
Freeman: That lets you know that Coach Tressel will put the best players on the field, so if you're better than an older player then you'll play.
Instincts - 8 (Coach Minton says 9)
Speed - 9 (9 for Minton)
Strength - 9 (9.5 for Minton, he won't give a 10 but Marcus is right there)
Buckwildin: As an Ohio high school football player, can you tell me what feel, or new excitement Ohio State winning the National Championship has brought to the state and if there is a new sense of awareness about Ohio State? Thanks and can't wait to see you in Scarlet and Grey (God willing)...
Freeman: I'll just speak for myself, I had some friends on the team so it was real exciting in general. I was rooting for Ohio State to win it no doubt.
You're welcome.
osueng: 1) How do you like the osu' coaches as compared to the other schools that you're looking at, in particular coach Tressel and coach Snyder? Have you had the chance to become familiar with some of the things they do for you on and off the football field?
2)we've heard that yourself, tedd ginn jr, and fred davis have spoke with each other. have you discussed possibly attending osu together? the three of you would be the anchor of what could be an incredible monster recruiting class!
thanks again and i hope to see you in scarlet and grey!
Freeman: They're both great people and coaches. I really like Coach Snyder he would be my position if I go to Ohio State.
Yes very much. Last Friday Coach Snyder, Heacock and Dantonio were all at my track meet. And even though we couldn't talk, it was a great honor to have them at my track meet.
From what I hear from the guys, the coaches will do anything for one of their players.
The three of us speak often and we've talked about attending the same college. I want to go somewhere that my recruiting class is going to be very good just like the one two years ago at Ohio State.
You're welcome and Thank you!
Susan: Welcome and thanks for giving us this moment of your time.
1). Have you and Fred Davis discussed attending the same college?
2). Who's the best athlete you've competed against or played with on the high school gridiron?
3). Are there any young "prospects", that you've noticed, in the Dayton area we should be watching out for in the next couple of years?
Freeman: Yes Fred and I have talked about attending the same college.
Jeff Backus or Simon Fraser were great players and the best player that I've played with is Ashton Watson (started last 6 games at MSU) and Sean Pugh (Western Kentucky).
RB Javon Ringer of Dayton CJ and RB Cedrick Tolber out of Xenia and Greg Orton, wide receiver from HH. All will be juniors next year.
Vaughn Rednex: OSU seems to be in good shape right now at LB with the likes of Carpenter, Hawk, D'Andrea and Schlegel all here through 2005. Are you cool with the fact you may have to rotate with those guys the first 2 years if you choose Ohio State (obviously, you could win a starting job outright, but the competition looks like it will be great)? Does that bother you?
Thanks for answering our questions and Gary, thanks for the great job you're doing!
Freeman: If I attend Ohio State that is something that I will accept if I'm not better than them or if I have to rotate with them. And no it doesn't bother I kind of expect that if I go to a high profile program like Ohio State.
Buckeyefan32: Marcus........ thoughts on Carr vs. Tressel. anything you notice that could sway you in one direction or the other?? Love to see you in the Scarlet and Gray Corner!!!
Freeman: They both have a tremendous amount of class and are both great coaches. I've only spoken with Coach Carr one time. Nothing from the coaches could really sway me in one direction they're both great coaches.
Buckeye Warrior: In an effort for OSU fans to get to know more about you…
If someone were to ask the ? “What kind of person and player is Marcus Freeman? And who has been the biggest influence in his life to this point?”
What would your response be?
All of us Buckeyes would like to thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to chat with us, we all look forward to following your career and wish you the very best!
Freeman: I'm just a player that just tries to go every day and give it 110% and leave it all on the field. Off the field I'm just your typical humble kid that likes having fun.
God has been the most influential person in my life and my parents and my coaches.
SB_Buckeye: Marcus - Thanks for for taking the time to talk with us. You sound like a great young man and the perfect Tressel recruit. Will you be able to attend the opener against Washington? The atmosphere should be great. I hope we see you in scarlet & grey.
Freeman: Yes, I plan on attending the Washington game.
Buckeye Warrior: I know a lot of Ohio kids have a great deal of pride for Ohio High School Football and its competition…
What were your thoughts when two of the more high profile Ohio Recruits (Prescott Burgess and Shawn Crable) made the decision to pursue their college careers out of state?
Freeman: I respect their decision for going with their heart and not with what other people tell them.
I think Ohio high school football has the best competition in the country and my head coach came here from Boca Raton, Fla.
Boomer7252: The number 36, Marcus I think that number would look good on you in Scarlet and Gray. Nobody has worn it for a while.
Freeman: I respect the number too much to ask for it but if I'm that highly thought of to be offered the opportunity to wear it, I will accept it if those former players think I'm worthy of it.
Susan: Marcus. What's your core GPA and your current height? Thanks. Inquring minds want to know. ;)
Freeman: My accumulative GPA is 3.39 but for this year it is 3.82. My core GPA is 3.2 and I got an 18 on the ACT and a 990 on the SAT. I'm 6-2, 240. I run a 4.6 forty, I bench press 415 pounds, I squat 600, I hang clean 335 and my verticle leap is 34 inches.
Buckeye Warrior: Can you describe your experience at the Texas Junior Combine?
Freeman: It was a great experience to compete against some of the best players in the nation. I thought I performed well against my peers. I look forward to the opportunity to play in it if I'm ask but my first priority now is playing for Wayne High School and winning the state championship.
Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to answer all of your questions. I'm very honored to do this.
Part of my decision making will be based on the support from the fans like yourself and I already know that Ohio State has some of the best fans in the country.
It was very exciting to do this today and I hope that I've answered all of your questions.
Buckwildin: This question is for Coach Minton: Marcus sounds like a terrific kid, I commend you. I've heard a lot about how, since coach Tressel has taken over, coaches across Ohio have pretty much fallen in love with him. I'm sure it has to be difficult being objective when counseling your kids about college, how do you maintain objectivity being a fan of Ohio State? Thanks!
Coach Minton: When it comes to your own players you have to separate being a fan as opposed to what's best to the individual player and even though I think extremely high of Coach Tressel and his whole staff and the entire program, we need to make sure Marcus keeps his objectivity open and clear so if he does become a Buckeye, he knows he made the best decision for him.
I liked Coach Cooper a lot, he recruited Greg and Steve Bellisari and John Hollins and Will Allen , however Coach Tressel has brought renewed spirit for all of us Ohio high school coaches.
Gary Housteau: Here are Coach Minton’s comments on Marcus Freeman:
Marcus is a unique player that has all of the tools and the intangibles of making it as big as he wants to make it in the sport. When you talk about the complete package, Marcus truly has it all. If he stays healthy and continues to improve his work ethic and not be satisfied with his play, then only he can put the limitations on himself.
He's a fantastic role model for the young and old and an outstanding representative for our school and any other program he would be involved with.
He's a real level-headed kid and I think he'll be a top candidate this year for Mr. Football, although individual awards are not that important to him. He's a good one!
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