Loss doesnt sit well with Pryor


MADISON, Wis. - It doesn't take much to notice that Terrelle Pryor hates to lose. During Pryor's career there hasn't been much practice when it comes to ending up on the short side of the scoreboard but on Saturday night the Buckeyes fell to the Badgers 31-18.
Pryor did not have a Pryor-like night at Camp Randall Stadium. The running game was there but not at full effect. The passing game was not nearly as crisp as it was against Indiana with Pryor going only 50-percent on the evening and not throwing for a touchdown. Things just never felt right if you were a fan of the Ohio State offense.
When the Buckeyes were down 21-18 however it seemed as if maybe, just maybe that the Buckeyes could pull it off. But when the Badgers clamped down there was no magic to be had and Pryor's final throw of the night was an underthrown interception.
We caught up with Terrelle after the game in the post game interview room and obviously he was down after what he considered a terrible performance. What did Pryor have to say? We have it all here.