BuckeyeGrove - LIVE: Wrapping up 2020, on to 2021
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LIVE: Wrapping up 2020, on to 2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio - It has been a wild ride from the time that the Big Ten season was canceled and then reinstated and then altered and then the Buckeyes saw three of eight regular season game get canceled along the way.

Even through all of that, the Buckeyes won them all, went on to win a B1G title and then the Sugar Bowl before eventually falling in the championship game.

There are still a lot of raw nerves at this point as fans are upset that the Buckeyes did not make it across the finish line but this season will be remembered as one unlike any other.

Join Kevin Noon, Griffin Strom, Joseph Hastings and Jacob Benge as we talk about the year that was as well as start to turn the page to next season, looking ahead to the 2021 season that is already starting its ramp up toward the season opener against Minnesota in eight-plus months.