Lack of slacks sacks Pryor

LOS ANGELES - Buckeye fans can rest easy about Terrelle Pryor's absence from the annual Beef Bowl on Sunday night. There had been speculation that Pryor along with several fellow teammates including Thad Gibson and Doug Worthington didn't meet the dress code to go on the event but there is still always concern when several key players go missing.
While most of the team made the trip to the historic institution there were whispers and concerns about the group of players that were listed as missing in action. But Pryor addressed the situation on Monday morning with a light hearted exchange with the assembled media at the Los Angeles Downtown Marriott.
"I didn't get to go to Lawry's," Pryor said. "Because I had jeans on."
The fashion faux pas ended up resulting in exclusion from the annual event. While most players showed up in slacks and scarlet golf shirts the missing players only had jeans to go with. Were they at least nice jeans?
"Yeah, they were nice jeans," Pryor joked. "It wasn't good enough and coach Tress is a classy guy."
The ever resourceful quarterback and his teammates however found a solution to the dilemma and still found a way to get a good meal while their teammates were away.
"I actually went and had the prime rib at the mall," Pryor said. "They had a Lawry's Carvery at the mall so I said that if I can't go I am going to get some of it. Some of my teammates brought me food too."
Pryor had a smile on his face as he was talking about the situation but there is little doubt that he was disappointed in the decision that prohibited him from going to the event.
"The only reason I was mad is because I am a teammate guy and I love to be with my team wherever they go but it is a rule," Pryor said. "I forgot to bring my pants and it was stupid of me. I was missing a great meal."
Through the years the dress code at Lawry's has relaxed and a generation ago it was a place where a coat and tie were the norm and anything else would be considered undressed. But the players did not have to pass the rules at the front door and rather a stricter set of rules by the head coach.
"(Other players) said they saw Reggie Bush with a hat on, a fitted hat when he was there," Pryor said. "Coach Tress is a classy guy and what he wants we have to do and we just forgot our pants."
There are still several events left for the players to participate in as the week goes on but the Rose Bowl has proven to be a rare treat for the Buckeyes in the days of the BCS and one never knows if there will be a chance again to be able to participate in events like these.
"I am kind of mad that we missed a great meal," Pryor said. "A free meal at that."
But Pryor was able to find some good out of the bad and a night off allowed Pryor and his missing teammates a chance to recoup from a rigorous week of appearances and fun stuff to do.