COLUMBUS, Ohio –– Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann listed several reasons why this offseason has been a “unique” one for the Buckeyes on Tuesday, but one of them was that a rash of players are on the mend from various injuries, and thus have been limited throughout the summer so far.

In fact, Holtmann said that the team “couldn’t do a whole lot” in general due to the injuries and other uncertainties regarding the roster. While Holtmann said he wouldn’t get too deep in the weeds on the specifics, the fifth-year Buckeye coach did peel the curtain back just a bit on the situations that a few players have been dealing with.

Below we’ve provided everything Holtmann said about a trio of Buckeyes that have been on the road to recovery, and a recap of the injury issues they dealt with at the end of the 2020-21 season.