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Hubbard wins battle of future Buckeyes

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CINCINNATI, Ohio - In an unusual situation on Friday night, a part of future Ohio State Buckeyes squared off in an interstate battle as Indianapolis (Ind.) Cathedral Prep and wide receiver Terry McLaurin took on Cincinnati (Ohio) Moeller and linebacker/safety Sam Hubbard. Hubbard and his Moeller squad jumped all over Cathedral from the early part of the game to get the 35-14 win in a battle of future teammates.
"We had a great game," said Hubbard. "It's hard to do that on Senior Night and Homecoming ,we had a lot of stuff going on but we're a mature team and we did a great job of focusing on what's important and getting the win."
Hubbard and McLaurin have become friends during the recruiting process but Hubbard was able to become more familiar with McLaurin's game throughout the week as he studied film of the Cathedral offense which typically runs through the big-time speedster.
"He's a great player," Hubbard said. "It took everything we could muscle up to stop him. He's just a great player, he's really fast, and I'm glad we came away with a win."
After jumping to an early 7-0 lead, Moeller then made the mistake of kicking the ball to the always dangerous McLaurin who ran it all the way back for a touchdown. At the time, Hubbard certainly wasn't entertained by the electric return but he couldn't help but be impressed by the effort of his future teammate.
"It was a hell of a play," he said. "It was hard to watch. We had just scored the first touchdown and then he takes it back and shoves it back down our throat, but it was a great play by him."
With Hubbard playing his deep safety position, often times shading McLaurin over the top, the two were able to see plenty of each other on Friday and were, at times, able to exchange some words.
"We talked a little bit during the game and before the game during the captain's coin toss," he explained. "I'll talk to him on the phone (this week) and I'm sure I'll see him up at a game soon."
With another win in the bag for Hubbard and Moeller, the Crusaders are now off to an 8-0 start to the season. Coming off a state championship last year and with several new faces in the starting lineup, it has been an unexpected start by Moeller who has simply reloaded.
"It's just the way Moeller is and the way a lot of the other GCL schools are too," Hubbard said. "We just bring in the next guy. The juniors (from last year) were working hard for three years, just waiting to get their chance their senior year and they're ready to come in and make an impact."