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Continuing his tour around Ohio, BSB contributor Gary Housteau was at Toledo Rogers on Tuesday and conducted a Chat with standout junior wide receiver Fred Davis. Here are excerpts from that Chat session:
JayDub: Fred, thanks for joining us....
A couple questions for ya...

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1. Is there a WR, college or pro, that you try to pattern your game after?
2. Who are your favorite WRs?
3. What number would you like to wear (at OSU hopefully;)
Davis: Hi everyone...
My favorite pro receiver is Terrell Owens because he's big and strong reciever and he can overpower corners and I like Michael Jenkins at Ohio State because he's also a big receiver with speed and he can jump over people.
I'm number four here but in college I'd like to wear number 6 because of Drushawn Humphrey, that's the number he wore at Rogers, in his honor.
TheBuckeyeDon: Wow! That's OUTSTANDING Fred. Even though Dru never had the chance to dress in a Buckeye jersey, us fans will always consider him a Buckeye and will never forget the dedication he showed to Ohio State. That would absolutely be a wonderful tribute to your friend and teammate.
LaserBuck84: Beautiful and Classy thoughts Fred!**
AnotherBuck: Do you plan to pick a school before your senior season or do you want to wait until you take your official visits?
How is your school work going? Are you planning to take the ACT/SAT soon? Good luck with your recruiting and senior season.
Davis: I'm going to wait until I take all of my official visits, I would like to finish high school early and enroll early if I am able to.
I took the ACT in April and I got a 15 the first time and my core GPA is 2.4.
Big Ted: Saw a highlight tape of you Fred and I have to say that was one of the most impressive I have ever seen.
How are tOSU's chances receiving a verbal?
I think you would look great in an tOSU uniform, don't you?
Are you and M. Freeman in touch a lot?
Davis: I missed the part about Marcus Freeman, yes we do stay in touch, we talk to each other on the phone every now and then.
whatupits: Fred, any timetable for your decision? At OSU with Jenkins leaving and Gamble possibly leaving you could be the 3rd best receiver on the team as soon as you step on campus, have you thought about early playing time or does it matter to you? Also, who would you compare your game to, some people have said Roy Williams. Good luck next year. All buckeye fans hope you come play with the champs.
Davis: I will wait until I take my official visits.
I really want to play early and I think it would help me if I were able to come to school early.
Roy Williams is number four but hopefully someday I'll be like a Terrell Owens.
LaserBuck84: 1. Time frame for decision?
2. What do you plan to study in College?
3. Who are you picking this year for NCAA NC?....Can Buckeyes repeat?
Good luck to Rogers football next year!
Davis: Probably December.
Architectural Engineering.
I say the Buckeyes to repeat. I think they have a better team than they had last year.
Red Vader: -What number do you want to wear?
-Who is recruiting you from OSU and what do you think of Tres?
-Do you want to redshirt?
-Any chance you play RB in college?
Davis: Number 6 in the honor of Drushawn Humphrey.
Coach Luke Fickell is recruiting me.
I think Coach Tressel is a great coach and great person.
He's like a best friend to me. I want to play. I can't watch, I got to play.
Nebraska wants me as an I-back but not really. It's not going to happen.
(per coach Rios ... Davis rushed for 1,100 yards as an I-back and had 600 yards receiving. 16 rushing TD's and nine recieving and one punt return.)
BuckNutty: What would you say your biggest strength is and what would you say you need to work on, if anything? Good luck this season...
Davis: My biggest strength is my size and speed as a receiver, and I'm a great blocker.
I need to work on my route running.
TheBuckeyeDon: -Other than location, what is it about Ohio State that makes you interested in them?
-Also, who's the toughest player you've played against so far?
As a former student teacher at Rogers, I'd love to see a Ram down here playing in Columbus.
Davis: The school life, the environment, the campus and facilities and the coaching staff.
Red Vader: You said below that you want to wear number 6 in honor of Dru. You wouldn't do that at another school other than OSU, would you?
Also, an early verbal from a player like you can help the staff recruit. It's got to be easier to go into a stud QB's house and sing OSU's song knowing that Fred Davis is in already.
How close are you and Marcus Freeman? Any chance you go to the same school? (OSU)
Davis: Mainly for OSU I'd wear number 6, correct.
Me and Marcus have become real close ever since the Texas combine. We talk about going to the same school a lot and how it would be. I think there's a good chance we will go to the same school.
Red Vader: Great to hear! Go bucks!
NapervilleBuck: Fred....your 5 visits Other than OSU, whom are the other 4 visits going to be?
Also.....many kudos to you for keeping Big Dru in your heart and mind. He'll always be a Buckeye to me!!
Davis: Right now it would be Miami, USC, Oklahoma and Penn State.
Bukibill: What is your favorate color? Scarlet or Maize?
Davis: Scarlet.
Davis: Thank you for participating in this chat! Sorry but I have to leave.
Gary Housteau (hours later): First of all, he's a Buckeye! No question, 100 percent! He'll take the tour of his five visits and then select Ohio State.
As far as him enrolling early at OSU (or whatever school, lol), his coach Rick Rios - a great young man of which I have a story coming on him - says Davis will have enough credits in time if he can get his Test score and he ups his GPA a tad.
Walt Harris was at the school at 7:30 a.m. and Jim Tressel was coming in at 1:00 p.m., that was part of the reason why he had to leave on such a short notice. Both Harris and Tressel couldn't speak to Davis directly but they were allowed to say hello in the hallway or something of that nature.
He had already spoken with Lemming, someone below mentioned his name, and was asked to participate in the Army All-American game next January.
I didn't really appreciate or was aware of the connection between Davis and Marcus Freeman as well as Ginn. I was told those two in particular and all three in general really hit it off at the Texas combine that weekend.
I cannot speak for Freeman yet until I see him this week, but IMHO, all three will be playing for the Scarlet and Gray. I will confirm that with Freeman soon. I was told, unequivocally, that you can forget about all of that Michigan chatter concerning Freeman. It looks like it will be a clean sweep for OSU with the Big 3. I'll follow up on that with Freeman.
Coach Rios spoke wonderfully with me about Drushawn Humphrey and I hope that I will be able to relay his words to you in a story I hope to type out later this evening. Rios showed me the two #6 jerseys that hang in the gymnasium of Humphrey, one in a Ram's uniform and one given to the school by Tressel from Ohio State. Tyler Everett was number 6 this spring so I hope that Davis will don number 6 as well in the fall of 2004.
I also have another surprise I was asked not to announce yet concerning Humphrey so I will honor that until Coach Rios gives me the go ahead.
IMHO, Davis is a sure thing for Ohio State in the class of 2004. He'll be my profile in the print version of BSB so I hope you will all get to read it.
I hope to have more later on my rainy trip to Toledo.
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