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Does Gibson fit his image

Each time Thad Gibson steps on the football field fans and opposing offenses take notice. It is hard to miss the menacing 6-foot-2, 240-pound rush end looking to wreak havoc on opposing teams.
But Thad's legend continues to grow, even in the spring as fans are just salivating and waiting for the next football season to get here so they can see who Gibson is going to blow up next.
Of course any defensive player, especially a lineman loves to have the tag of being baddest on the block but does that fit Thad's personality or has his legend taken off like a runaway train?
We asked Thad and several of his teammates after Tuesday's practice to try and get the real inside information on No. 90 and to see if he in fact can run through walls and eat nails.
Video: Does Gibson fit his image?