Clark is getting up to speed

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - While none of Ohio State's true freshmen have played a single down of college football it seems that the class ranking of No. 2 overall may have been right on the money when you go up and down the roster of first year players and see how many could be in the mix. The Buckeyes made a late move with Florida speedster James Clark and now the wide receiver is hopeful that he will be able to contribute as soon as possible with the team.

Urban Meyer has not been shy about mentioning about wanting to get more speed on the field and Clark fits that mold as a 10.43 100-meter guy and a 21.51 in the 200-meters. Clark could see his first impact in the return game but the future is bright for the new Buckeye.

Clark was one of the last players to commit to Ohio State in his class so he hasn't had all of the extra months to bond with his classmates but he has made up for lost time and feels like his recruiting class is very close and ready to take part in "The Chase". We asked Clark about this as well as several other topics when we caught up with him at Ohio State's Media Day on Sunday.