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Carter is happy to be on defense


COLUMBUS, Ohio - When some recruits come into a program they are described as 'big recruits'. Then there are just some players who are just 'big' and Chris Carter was about as big as they came coming in a sandwich short of 400-pounds.
Carter's first year in the program didn't give him much opportunity on the offensive line. Carter would be the first one to admit that he didn't have the stamina to play at a high level and really was not in a position to help the team.
But over the offseason the big man was moved to the defensive side of the line and spent plenty of time working with the new strength and conditioning staff as well as the new nutritionist that works with the Buckeyes.

Carter is still usually the biggest guy in the room but now is south of 360-pounds and feels comfortable on the other side of the ball. We caught up with him on Sunday at Ohio State's media day to get an update on how things are going.