Call him Diesel

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio State's front seven on defense will have a major rebuilding job in 2013 but that doesn't mean that it will be a lot of first year players hoping to step into those roles. Defensive end Adolphus Washington may not have been listed as a starter last season but that didn't stop him from playing in 10 of 12 games last season and rack up three sacks including one against That Team Up North.

Now Washington will hold down one of the starting defensive end spots along with Noah Spence and while people will miss what John Simon and Nathan Williams brought to the table, the expectations are high for the player who wants to go by the nickname of Diesel (though Mike Vrabel told him as a freshman that he to earn the right to use that nickname).
On Sunday we caught up with Adolphus at Ohio State Media Day to talk about several things including if he was any closer to earning the right to use that name.