Bucks back to the grind

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Buckeyes are back in action after their second bye week and it is a four game sprint to the finish line if the Buckeyes keep winning and go to the B1G Championship Game. This week attention is turned to the Illinois Fighting Illini, losers of 19 straight conference games.

Ohio State still finds itself stuck outside of the top-two in the BCS Standings and needs help to get into the championship game but at the same time has to take care of business and maybe do it with a little flair. Urban Meyer would not use the term "style points" however but did say that the team is expected to play well if it wants to be mentioned with the nation's elites and if they don't play well then they won't even be in the conversation.

Meyer also talked about, to a point, the new rule in college football that allows players to "early" to a certain extent and he explains what we know about the rule and some issues of things we may not fully understand about the rule. Plus the Ohio State head coach talks about the health of the team, where the focus is and what will happen if he sees the team looking over the next opponent.

Check out what he has to say in this full video update from Meyer's press conference as he does every game-week Monday and best of all, it is a FREE update.