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Buckeye commits react to the Big Ten postponing its football season

On Tuesday, the world of college athletics received shocking news as the Big Ten announced that its 2020-2021 fall sports season would be postponed until the spring.

While this was always considered a possibility, it came as somewhat of a surprise given the fact that a conference-only schedule was just released last week.

A lot of people had something to say about the postponement of this upcoming football season, including Ohio State's commits.

In the piece below, Dave Lackford and I share the responses we were given from over a dozen future Buckeyes when asked about their reactions to this week's news. Included at the bottom are a few statements made by them on Twitter as well.


"It's ridiculous. It's hard to imagine fall without football." - via Dave Lackford.

“It won’t affect my recruitment at all. I’m just upset that it’s a possible solution." - via Dave Lackford.

"It’s really unfortunate. It’s probably going to be up to each of the conferences. I’m hoping it doesn’t affect anything with me getting there early." - via Dave Lackford.

“I’m still waiting to hear what’s going on there and in terms of my recruitment, I’m locked in and will sign with Ohio State in December.” - via Dave Lackford.

"It’s pretty sorry of the Big 10. If you watch the news and pay attention to the country and where the most cases are, it’s not the Midwest, which is dominantly the Big 10. The SEC and ACC are playing, and that seems to be where all the hot spots are anymore, but they aren’t scared to play ball.

"During the season the players are going to be at the facility or in their dorms all day, I highly doubt a lot of schools return to class in person, so if they take their courses online and they spend most of their day at the facility, how could they be in danger.

"If they were to somehow test positive for COVID-19, it would have to come from outside of their bubble." - via Rivals National Recruiting Analyst Adam Gorney.

"Man, I think it’s crazy honestly, but I agree with what Trevor Lawrence said about kids will be more safe on campus than at home. But I believe if they just monitored everything; everyday food, who they with or just with the team every day, it will be more safe, kind of like an NBA bubble situation." - via Dave Lackford.

"Still taking it all in," Henderson said of his reaction to the news. "Not sure yet." - via Joseph Hastings.

"I feel like they should be playing, to be honest!" - via Joseph Hastings.

“I’m really surprised they canceled so early. I am going to miss watching them play, but other than that, it doesn’t bother me.” - via Dave Lackford.

“It will be upsetting if they do have to cancel or move the season, but I understand that teams have to do what they have to do for the safety of the players, staff and the people around them. I really hope they can find a safe way to play this fall and whatever the outcome is, it will not affect my recruitment at all. I’m still a Buckeye.” - via Dave Lackford.

“(Jantzen) just feels bad for the players at Ohio State," said Dunn's father, Mitchell Dunn. "Especially the seniors. He feels like this was going to be a championship season for them. It sucks for everyone, but necessary. You have kids and coaches that have put in a ton of work and that will go unnoticed. I hope that we can get back to some kind of normalcy soon.” - via Dave Lackford.

"Mate, just disappointing news knowing how hard the team has been working. To have that opportunity to play taken from them would be frustrating for all involved." - via Joseph Hastings.

"I honestly don’t understand why they’re pushing it back or canceling it at all because it’s a sport and it’s voluntary. If you don’t want to play, you don’t have to and you can opt out if you would like. But I’m still in shock right now." - via Dave Lackford.

"They have worked too hard for their season to be canceled like that. It's discouraging to see so many players see their season canceled and some careers ended because they can’t take that chance with the draft." - via Dave Lackford.

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