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Buckeye commits and targets react to The Game being canceled

Today was the day Ohio State's football program, its fan base and commits have dreaded for some time.

After a lot of speculation, the team's home game against Michigan was officially canceled on Tuesday. Not only are they not going to be able to play in their biggest rivalry game, but the 5-0 Buckeyes are, for now, one game short of being eligible for the Big Ten Championship.

Several Ohio State pledges and multiple 2022 targets shared their reactions with BuckeyeGrove following the news. This article will be updated as more reactions pour in.

Hicks: "I had a feeling the team up north wasn't going to be able to play, but OSU needs to find a game and if not, the Big 10 needs to allow OSU to be in the Big 10 Championship because they have won 3 years straight and OSU needs a chance to defend their championship."

Hall: "Going on social media and seeing that they canceled one of the biggest rivalry games of the year definitely sucks. But it's 2020 and you can't take anything for granted! If 2020 has taught us anything, it definitely showed us that nothing in life is promised!"

Johnson: "Lost for words. A team gets a "huge COVID leak" around the biggest rivalry ever. That's just scared, but I hope we can find a game in order to make the Big 10 Championship."

Christman tweeted the following: "I can't even imagine the pain of those guys who can't play in the greatest rivalry in sports... especially when it was their last chance."

Pryor tweeted out the following: "Saved them an embarrassment."

Henderson tweeted "WOW" following today's news.

Sawyer: “It’s crazy !! I hope we still get a game for this weekend.”

McCullough: "Disappointed. Biggest game of the year. We were ready. I hope we get to play someone this weekend to make the playoffs."

Medlock: “I’m astonished...”

Abor: "It sucks [face in palm emoji]. That's all I really have to say."

Campbell: “I didn’t even know, wow. [I] was loooking forward to watching this rivalry match up.”

Christian: "Very, very frustrating. Hopeful we can find another game. Right now I'm hearing Maryland or even [Texas] A&M [eyes looking left emoji]."

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