BuckeyeGrove - BIA Ep. 44 - We're Back!
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BIA Ep. 44 - We're Back!

COLUMBUS, Ohio – It’s the news you have been waiting for. At least most of you.

The Big Ten is back, despite the complaints of a few in the national media and fans of other conferences that were hoping for a less-crowded College Football Playoff field.

The news broke this morning and unless you have been out in the ocean on a yacht, or with a guy who claims to a knighted vessel, you have heard the good news already.

Join us on our BuckeyeGrove Instant Access (BIA) podcast as we talk about all of the latest, how this decision came to be, what might a schedule look like and a whole lot more as Kevin Noon and Griffin Strom attempt to navigate the choppy seas that have enveloped the Big Ten for better than the past month.

All of that and more in this latest edition of the BIA Podcast.