August 20, 2009

Basil gets glimpse of future

Chillicothe (Ohio) Chillicothe kicker Drew Basil needs any confirmation as to why he chose to join the Ohio State family, it may have come Wednesday at Ohio Stadium.

That's because Basil - who committed to Ohio State about a month and a half ago - was at the Horseshoe on Wednesday for the Buckeyes' kick scrimmage and got to witness first hand what life as a specialist at Ohio State is all about.

Needless to say, Basil was impressed.

"The whole thing was just great. Everybody was practicing hard and just being there went really well," Basil said. "It is just exciting, especially because I was down there on the sideline and I talked to the long snappers and the kickers for a while. I was pretty excited about that.

"I got to talk to Ben Buchanan and he sad that he had my number from the coaches and he planned on texting me," Basil added. "That was really cool."

Aside from the fact that he was standing in the midst of one of the bigger college stadiums in the country, Basil noticed a profound difference between the level of expertise in special teams from high school to college.

Basil noted how the Buckeyes practiced fluidity and perfection on everything they did, which is something the senior-to-be is really looking forward to being a part of.

"I think there is a pretty big difference. Everything seems like it needs to be a lot faster and a lot quicker and has to be perfect every time," Basil said. "In high school you can get away with some small mistakes here and there."

While Basil is certainly advanced with both of his punting and kicking at this time in his life, he said he was still very impressed to watch the current Buckeyes do their thing out on the Horseshoe field.

"I was really impressed not only by the strengths of their legs but by the form and how consistent they are. It was just really, really impressive," Basil said. "They all also have a close relationship with one another. They are even close with the guys on the team, and that's a good feeling to have."

Ohio State seemed to be the best place for him on the surface because Basil wanted to continue to pursue both his kicking and punting game.

Much like the Buckeye coaching staff is doing with Buchanan, allowing him to compete for jobs at both punter and kicker, Basil is hoping he will have the same opportunities with both once he joins the team.

"If you have the ability to do both and you would like to do both, you can continue to keep trying at it and keep doing it," Basil said. "I like that."

Regardless of what Basil was watching, he said it was just nice to be in Columbus on the Horseshoe field getting a glimpse of what life will be like in a short period of time for him.

Though he has been committed for nearly two months, he is still taken back by what a scene Ohio Stadium truly is.

"I got really excited to just look around and not see anything excepts stands in the sky, and that's a really cool feeling," Basil said. "You are surrounded by a bunch of Ohio State fans and the sky. It is just pretty exciting."

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