July 6, 2009

Richardson in no hurry

Duncan (SC) Byrnes wide receiver Torian Richardson is attracting a lot of attention from a few BCS conferences like the Big East, Big Twelve, and SEC. Right now though Richardson is taking things easy and enjoying the summer.

"The summer is going real well we have been lifting and doing speed training almost every day, so I am getting bigger and stronger. We are really getting ready for the season."

Before the summer started the 5-foot-10, 169 pound receiver did however make a couple visits.

"I have been to Michigan State and I saw a little bit of Louisville. That is about it. It was not that long ago we probably went up about three or four weeks ago."

Richardson was able to see a lot more of Michigan State than he did Louisville, but he did enjoy seeing both schools.

Michigan State: "Michigan State it was real nice I really liked the campus, the atmosphere, and the facilities. I really liked it."

Louisville"I like their building and they added some new things to their stadium. The stadium is already nice, so they are just building more stuff so they can keep it real nice."

Even though the South Carolina product plans to take it easy and workout with his team this summer there are a couple of other schools he plans on visiting.

"I know I am supposed to be visiting Mississippi State and East Carolina soon."

One other school that he remains interested in is Syracuse and Richardson has developed relationship both with his recruiting coach Derrick Jackson and the Orange receivers coach Jaime Elizondo.

"I am in touch with Syracuse," Richardson said. "Coach Jackson and I have a real strong relationship. I really just talk with Coach Elizondo the most because he is going to be my receiver's coach, so I really keep in contact with him the most."

"My relationship with Coach Elizondo is about the same he talks about a lot of things not just football , but how things are going at home and off of the field and he makes sure I am not getting into trouble stuff like that."

A visit to New York to visit Syracuse was supposed to happen, but the plans had to be changed.

"We were planning on trying to make it up there, but now we have to see about money, plans, and stuff like that."

The Orange offer has been in Richardson's hands for a few months now and he has learned a lot about Syracuse. One thing that Syracuse offers is the chance to play inside and that sticks out to the receiver.

"I like Syracuse, it is in New York and I have never been to New York. That is a real big thing and they play indoors. That is the only school that has offered me that plays indoors and I have never played in an indoor stadium before, that would be huge."

When it comes to a decision Richardson is all set with a date when he will give his commitment.

"I plan on narrowing things down after the season is over. I plan on committing on my birthday January, 6th."

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