May 10, 2007

Scouting Jared Sullinger

The hardest thing in scouting is to predict how a young big man is going to develop. Some have games that mature quickly, while others take time. In the case of Jared Sullinger, his skills showed through very early in his freshman year at Northland High school. Sullinger is the newest, and youngest Buckeye, and here is an in-depth scouting report of his game.


On Offense

Offensively is where Sullinger really shines. He does most of his damage inside of 10 feet, and that is a good thing because his strength and size indicate that he will be a power forward at the college level. Currently he stands 6-foot-6 and weighs close to 215 pounds.

On Defense

Sullinger is at his best on the offensive end, but he is definitely no slouch on defense either. Most of defense is desire, and even at such a young age Sullinger has shown the effort and intensity to play defense.


On Offense

In reality there is not much that Sullinger does poorly on the offensive end of the floor. However like any young player he has things that he needs to improve on in order to become a productive and successful player at the college level.

On Defense

Like with his offense, Sullinger does play good defense and since he is young it is tough to be critical of him. However it would be naive to think that he knows exactly what it takes to be an excellent defender.

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