May 22, 2006

South Florida DB won't be camping

North Miami Beach's Doug Wiggins has not attend any of the Nike camps and does not plan to attend any camps this summer.

Although, the 5-foot-11, 185-pound athlete doesn't necessarily need to.
He has already pulled in more than 20 offers, but he has another reason for not camping.

"I'm not going to any camps because it doesn't really show what you can do on the football field," Wiggins told "A couple of years ago — my ninth grade year — I signed up for one of the Nike camps. I looked at a couple of players, and they were doing amazing things -catching the ball, running the ball and everything. But when it came to the season in front of a full crowd and in gear and everything, they really didn't measure up to what they did in camp."

Wiggins thinks a player can learn from camps, but it just doesn't outweigh the negatives.

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