February 5, 2014

Jones made it interesting

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Marcelys Jones

Offensive Lineman

6-foot-4, 354 lbs.

Cleveland (Ohio)

Glenville HS

Status: Enrolled


Jones shocked many with the timing of his announcement on Christmas Day 2012, an odd timetable for any Glenville player. Tarblooders always take their recruitment until the end whereas Jones ended it early, or so everyone thought. Kentucky fans were convinced (wrongly so) that he was going to flip to the Wildcats but this was not going to be the year that Kentucky actually beat out Ohio State for a kid it wanted out of a pipeline school. Jones is now enrolled at Ohio State and all is mostly forgotten about any uncertainty of his status, if even for a few brief moments.

Scouting Report: "He is probably one of the biggest boom or bust candidates in the class of 2014. We gave him a four-star ranking and we kept him there because he has four-star ability but he really needs to dedicate himself to becoming the best football player that he can be or he won't reach his potential." - Midwest analyst Josh Helmholdt


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