October 1, 2013

What did McMillan think?

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Raekwon McMillan talks official visit to UGA... from UGASports.com on Vimeo.

HINESVILLE - On Tuesday, UGASports.com sat down with Liberty County linebacker Raekwon McMillan.

The five-star performer is coming off an official visit to Georgia last weekend, and talks about that and much more below.

UGASports: You took your visit to Georgia this past weekend, can you tell us how it went?

McMillan: "My trip to Georgia was very cool, man. I got to see one of the biggest atmospheres in college football, LSU vs. Georgia. Georgia came out with the win on my official visit so that was awesome. I got to spend the night at Georgia so it was a great atmosphere all around."

UGASports: Can you tell us what coaches you spent time with and what their message was to you?

McMillan: "I spent time with Coach O, Coach (Kirk) Olivadotti, and Coach (Todd) Grantham. We sat down and talked about how I can be productive in Georgia's system and how I can come in and get early playing time and whether or not I start is up to me because I'll be coming in to compete against guys with no experience for playing time. So If I get I in there and work hard, with the facilities, it is where it's at, man."

UGASports: How do you feel about that message? You said they (UGA) told you that you could compete for playing time early, how do you feel about that?

McMillan: "I really understood what they had to say. They really gave me a reason to stay in state now that we sat down and really talked about it with my family. I got to see Georgia in its biggest atmosphere. The last time I went to Georgia I got to see Georgia/Tennessee but it wasn't really one of the best atmospheres. But this time they really showed up."

UGASports: What do you think about those coaches (Olivadotti and Grantham)?

McMillan: "You really get the best of both worlds with Coach O and Coach Grantham. Coach Grantham is your NFL style, both came from the NFL, but Coach Grantham is that fiery defensive coordinator while Coach O is the laid-back linebackers coach. You know you are going to get the best out of both of them and they are going to coach you like you are the best in the nation."

UGASports: "With this being your official visit, I'm sure you spent some time with Coach (Mark) Richt. How was that?

McMillan: "He's a real laid back Christian type of guy, but when it comes down handling his business, he handle his better than some in the nation. He is one of the best in the business on Saturday nights and Saturday evenings. He carries himself greatly and I like that in a head coach."

UGASports: And what did he (Richt) have to say?

McMillan: "He was just telling me that I can achieve anything that I want to achieve in my life if I stay in state, or if I go out of state, but it would benefit me more in state because after football is over, I would be able to get a job."

UGASports: Can you explain the atmosphere to those that weren't there for the game?

McMillan: "It was one of the best atmospheres in college football. If you missed it in person and just watched it on TV, you still got the feel for how live it was on television."

UGASports: Georgia is bringing three big defensive linemen prospects. Does that type of thing affect your decision? With Ohio State bringing their guys and Alabama bringing in there guys, Clemson, and stuff like that.

McMillan: "I've always wanted to be behind a dominant d-line because the more you keep the big guys off of you, the more you can run and make plays and get downhill. So if you go to school with not so great d-linemen you always have to take on blocks and stuff like that. But if you have two big tackles in front of you that are demanding double teams, you can get in your gap and run freely and be the open hitter."

UGASports: Coming into this visit (to UGA) it was said that Ohio State, Alabama, and Clemson were your top three with the other schools kind of lagging back. What did this visit do for Georgia? Did they get into that mix?

McMillan: "Yeah I believe Georgia jumped into the mix with those type of schools. The whole time I've been just waiting for a reason to stay in state and just waiting for Georgia to make me feel like I need to stay in state. At the beginning of my recruiting process, they were recruiting me and Reuben Foster, but I felt like when they were recruiting Reuben, they kind of jumped off of me for awhile. Then whenever they jumped off me, I started looking at other schools. When they found out that they couldn't get Reuben, they started coming after me harder. That is what had Georgia in the back end of that."

UGASports: Now that that (UGA) visit has come, how does that change things?

McMillan: "They really showed that they want me now. So now I can sit down and really think about it. My decision is coming up soon so we will see."

UGASports: So what is coming up for you? I know you said the decision is coming up, but what else is coming up for you?"

McMillan: "My team is off to a great start, 5-0 but we have to end off with region play this year. We are trying to finish strong. My first couple of years we went 2-8, but last year we went 6-4. This year, man, I'm trying to focus on my official visits but also focus on my senior season."

UGASports: And what are your plans as far as official visits?

McMillan: "My next official visit will be Clemson/Florida State then Ohio State/Penn State after that. Then Alabama/LSU, and then the Florida/Florida State game."

UGASports: And When do you plan on making a decision? I know it has been the (Under Armour All American game), but is that ironclad?

McMillan: "My decision date, I know will be some time in December whenever I feel 100 percent. I don't want to be one of those guys that decommits at any time."

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