June 24, 2012

Tre Flowers from Texas lists his Top 3

Tre Flowers a 6'3 180 lb FS has been hearing from BYU coaches since his sophomore year. He has also been hearing from several other schools, as of now he holds offers from Wake Forest, Kansas State, Arizona State, Houston, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Utah, Memphis, Tulsa and Iowa State.
Flowers who runs a 4.5 40, a max bench of 270, and 3.6 GPA is very sought after by college coaches. Coming from Texas growing up he did not know much about BYU, what he knew is probably the same thing that most people know. "I just knew they were a Mormon school." said Flowers.

With being a school that represents the Mormon faith, comes with it living by the standards of the church. On campus this is known as the honor code, something that Flowers has no qualms about. In fact he sees it as being a benefit to him in reaching his ultimate goal. [The Honor Code] "Kind of stood out to me, I kind of like it because my goal is to get to the NFL and without those distractions I feel I can make it."
Flowers would like to make a decision by his fourth or fifth game which is the weeks of Sept. 13-27th. But with so many options and maybe more coming how interested is he in BYU? Where does BYU rank among the suitors? He shares with us where he ranks them and his thoughts.
"They are in the top 3 right now. Just because when I was there I met with all the coaches and I really liked the coaching staff. And I met a few of the players, and I just liked how the players really followed all the rules, it wasn't all talk. They really follow the guidelines of the school." The two other schools in his top 3 are Kansas State and Arizona State. Who are also the three schools Flowers says is recruiting him the hardest.
It looks like the long recruitment from BYU is paying off, and could be a big plus in getting a free safety like Flowers on the roster. One thing that is connecting with recruits and what is a big selling pitch for BYU is the relationship with ESPN and Independence. Flowers along with many other recruits have talked about how they like the thought of being on national TV several times a year. "I like that my family gets to see me play, and that's the thing that really stood to me." said Flowers.

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