December 7, 2010

Travel plans change for Lanier; do leaders?

Last weekend, East Mississippi Community College defensive back Izauea Lanier was supposed to be in Knoxville on an official visit to see the Vols. Lanier never made it, and now the Vols are fighting the Florida Gators for a visit this weekend.

"I am going to try to visit Tennessee this weekend," Lanier said. "But it's not definite yet. The thing is Florida has set up this weekend for me to come up there. So I don't know where I'm going to visit yet."

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound Lanier said visiting somewhere during the week might be a possibility if his coach would allow it. Lanier is trying to finish up school so that he can enroll somewhere in January, making a mid-week visit a question mark.

As for missing his flight to Knoxville on Friday, Lanier said he simply had transportation issues.

"I missed my flight because my ride didn't come get me and take me to the airport like he was supposed to, so I missed my flight because I had no way to the airport," he explained.

Lanier, who's a 4-star defensive back, is expecting a visit from Tennessee assistant coach Terry Joseph this week and isn't sure if Florida is going to come by or not.

A week ago, Lanier acknowledged the Vols as his leader. This week, he isn't sure where he's going to visit, but Lanier said his feeling on the Vols hasn't changed.

"Tennessee is at top," Lanier said. "I was just going to Florida to see what they have. I am going to decide where I'm going to visit on Thursday. I have to make a decision by then so that the school I am going to visit can get everything set up."

Lanier said at this point Florida or Tennessee is his only expected visit.

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