November 23, 2010

Is UW cooling on Pittser?

MADISON - Adam Pittser always knew the Wisconsin coaching staff was high on Jacoby Brissett in regards to quarterback recruiting.

To the coaching staff's credit it seemed as though they were up front about where they stood and told the Illinois native that Brissett was the main priority. But even though UW was and continues to recruit Brissett very hard it was obvious the coaching staff liked the tools Pittser possessed.

But things have apparently changed.

"I haven't talked to Wisconsin for probably a month," Pittser told Tuesday night. "The phone calls started to stop. They really stopped calling me. I called them a couple of times and I didn't get a hold of them. I don't really know what's going on with them and Jacoby and everything.

"But I haven't talked to them in probably a month."

Pittser, who recently picked up an offer from Wyoming in addition to the handful of other offers he possesses, is in the process of setting up official visits. At this time it seems as though Western Michigan, Ball State and Wyoming are at the top of his priorities.

"I'm kind of in the process of setting up all my officials," Pittser said. "I'm just talking to the same schools and it's pretty much the same thing, same news."

Though he's moving on with his recruitment and trying to learn more about the various schools recruiting him, Pittser is still not quite sure what preempted the lack of contact between himself and the UW coaching staff.

Because when Wisconsin was talking to him it seemed as though they had a lot of praise for the 6-foot-1 quarterback.

"They were telling me that I was right up there," Pittser said. "Basically from the start they said they offered Jacoby Brissett during his junior year and that he was their guy for a long time. But that I was pretty much the next guy up. (They said) 'We talk about you all the time.' Every coach sent me a letter in the mail handwritten. They'd call me every week and say, 'Hey, we think you'd be great for us. We like you and we're always thinking about you.'

"It just kind of stopped."

Pittser, whose senior season ended when his team failed to connect on an extra point that would have evened the score late in a quarterfinal playoff game, isn't upset with the lack of communication.

He's simply confused in regards to the abrupt stop.

"I have other options, but I was kind of curious as to why it stopped," Pittser said. "Maybe they found another guy after Jacoby or something, but it just kind of stopped."

With signing day fast approaching it is believed the coaching staff still has room for a quarterback and running back. Though the number of scholarships state otherwise, it seems those positions are the main priorities for the coaching staff in regards to rounding out the class.

Should the Badgers miss on Brissett, Pittser would be willing to begin talking with the UW coaching staff once again.

"I'd be open to talk to them," Pittser said. "I don't really know if it will happen or not because they just kind of stopped talking to me. You never know, but if they talk to me I would obviously consider them again."

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