September 23, 2010

BC recruiting, what's left?

With October quickly approaching and Boston College sitting at 12 commitments BC could take as many as 23 or 24 this year but likely won't use all of them. That means there will likely be double-digit commitments for the Eagles between now and Signing Day. Here's a positional breakdown of what's left for BC and how they stand with top targets like Pat Flavin and others.

QB - 0 left - BC is done with Christian Suntrup on board unless Tanner McEvoy comes on board and he would be as an ATH who would get first look at QB but would likely end up as WR. McEvoy lists BC but is higher on other schools apparently.

RB - 0 or 1 left - BC will take one or none, right now it's looking more like none because they are happy with current depth. Nick Lifka could be a fullback if needed.

WR - 1 or 2 left - BC wants Darius Jennings, Marcus Grant, Curt Evans, Brandon Reddish or McEvoy. Not sure who best shot is, probably Evans or flipping Grant away from Iowa. Reddish is hard to read and McEvoy wants to be a QB and Jennings will likely stay close to home.

TE - 0 left - BC is done with Brian Miller committed.

OL - 3 or 4 left - BC will take 5 or even 6 overall and they already have David Bowen and Victor Nelson and it looks like Liam Porter will be in this class as well eventually. Best guess is Dan Lembke will also be part of this class and hoping to get 2 of Pat Flavin, Rob Trudo, Jay Whitmire or a sleeper or two. Flavin is either BC or west coast, Trudo seemed lukewarm about his BC visit, Whitmire is likely to end up at UNC or UVA so a sleeper or two could be part of this class.

DE - 1 or 2 left - BC already has Brian Mihalik on board and Connor Wujciak is a flip guy between DE and DT. Jack Tabb is top target along with James Adeyanju and Johnathan Harris.

DT - 0 or 1 left - BC wants 3 total and have Kieran Borcichand Max Ricci already on board with Connor Wujciak as a flip guy. Sleepers for the most part here, only one I know of is Anthony Fabiano for sure.

LB - 1 or 2 left - BC will take 3 or 4 total with Nick Lifka and Graham Stewart on board and Sean Duggan and Steven Daniels two best remaining shots. If BC got Duggan and Daniels, Lifka would likely be a fullback.

CB - 1 or 2 left - Manuel Asprilla is one and they would take 1 or 2 more with Darius Hillary the top target. There is a player committed to another school who is showing interest but can't be named yet and some guys they are keeping quiet. Carlos Lozada has been getting some love he says.

S - 2 or 3 - BC will take 2 to 3 with a few guys likely to get offers as senior season progresses like Spenser Rositano most likely. This is the position that is still in flux as far as top targets. Ameer Richardson has been getting some love he says and there are a couple locals they like but are keeping quiet.

K - 0 - Jason Howell is it as far as I know.

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