June 24, 2010

Bradley has big plans

There will be a long, long time for people to debate who will be the top player from the state of Ohio in the class of 2012 but it would hard to be wrong by saying that Bam Bradley out of Trotwood (Ohio) is not right in the thick of things.

The hard hitting safety put on a strong show at Ohio State's camp on Thursday and has a game tape that already has college recruiters more than excited. But Bradley admitted that he got much, much more out of the Ohio State camp than just how to be a better player on the field.

"I really liked the camp because it not only taught you about on the field stuff and how to get better but it also taught you about character building," Bradley said. "Coach Tressel really talked to us a little while ago about players that went to the NFL, how they give so much back to players now by having training facilities and going to visit hospitals and everything."

The 6-foot-2, 200-pounder in unbelievably humble and seems to have an honest desire to be an ambassador in the community, be it college or at the next level if that is in his future.

"That is really important to me because I really consider myself a really good humanitarian and I want to give back everything that I can to the people that helped me," Bradley said. "I know how it is growing up and you don't always have people looking after you so I would really like to give back everything that I can if I do make it to the next level."

Does Bradley find any of the trapping around recruiting and being a top target as a distraction? Bradley has two more years of this before setting foot on the field in college in the 2012 season.

"It really is not a distraction to me because I have older brothers who already went through all of this stuff, I have an older brother who is looking to go to the NBA," Bradley said. "My mom has been through all of this so it has really been pushed down on me to be humble and know how to handle coaches coming at you and pretty much I let my mom handle everything."

So don't expect to see Bradley checking out his own press clipping on any of the websites.

"I don't look at any scouting sites or that stuff because I know every day I just have got to keep getting better because if I am not working someone is out there outworking me." Bradley said.

Ohio State is not the only school that has been keeping tabs on Bradley but the rising junior knows that it would make one member of his family very happy if he were to stay close.

"O-State has been showing me a lot of love and I really appreciating it being from close to here and my mom would love me to stay close to home," Bradley said. "(Cincinnati) is starting to show me some love as well as Missouri, they have been in since my freshman year because they were coming in to see some of my older guys. UNC has been too with coach Butch Davis."

The Trotwood-Madison program has turned out star after star throughout the years and Bradley knows that the success is a benefit for him and the rest of his teammates.

"Ever since I have been in high school all of the older guys have pushed you to get better and better." Bradley said. "It wasn't like our older guys would just chill because they have theirs. They push you to keep working so it is really good to have a staff like that."

The Buckeyes have not pulled many players recently out of Trotwood-Madison but the Buckeyes would love to make this one happen and Bradley himself is well aware of what the Ohio State program means within the state borders.

"They have one of the biggest fan bases in the world and that is something that you can really look forward to every night, playing in front of 100-thousand fans," Bradley said. "(The) football program is very prestigious and to come up through a program like that and be wanted by a program like that after so many great names... it makes you feel like what you are working for is really paying off."

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