June 10, 2010

Virginia CB impresses at Tech camp

Even with the tight numbers for 2011, Tech was very interested in some prospects following the first summer camp this past weekend. One of those that got noticed was a Hampton Roads corner.

"It was great," Chesapeake (Va.) Indian River cornerback Mylon Blueford said. "There weren't a lot of people up there, so I got to spent a lot of time with the coaches individually. Coach Gray worked with me up close. He said he didn't look at my film yet, but he's going to take a real good look at it. He told me I did well on the day and that I was the best overall skill guy there.

"He went on to say if this was a year they were taking two or three cornerbacks, I would have gotten an offer that day, but since they are only taking one they are going to talk it over more."

The 5-foot-10, 154-pounder gave his take on the day.

"I thought I did great," he said. "I ran really well, after that I got to do drills and it was second nature to me. I was doing what I'm used to.

"I felt like I surprised the coaches with my speed. I don't think they were expecting me to be as fast as I was. Coach Gray was impressed with how well I can cover and how I have good ball skills."

Following the camp, Blueford met with Beamer as well as Torrian Gray.

"He told me I did a really great job and raised my stock a lot. He said he was really interested in me and they were going to seriously look at me. Coach Cavanaugh said he noticed I did a great job too."

Blueford followed that up with a camp at Marshall on Sunday.

"I did a great job there and ran really well," he said. "I did really good in drills too. Coach Holliday told me he loved me. They were excited about me and told everybody at the camp they weren't going to offer at camp. They told me they'd get in touch later this week.

"It sounds like they are going to offer. I thought I did a good job."

Blueford plans to hit up more camps in the coming weeks.

"I'm going to Duke on Saturday and then NC State on Sunday," he said. "The week after that I've got Pittsburgh on Friday, Connecticut on Saturday and Boston College on Sunday."

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