February 9, 2010

Woodson's stock set to explode

LeFlore wide receiver Danny Woodson, Jr. spent last season terrorizing opposing defenses with his ability to make plays both as a receiver and as a rushing threat, piling up 448 yards and 5 touchdowns on the ground to go along with his 1,360 yards and 15 touchdowns receiving. Many have compared the 6-foot-2, 200-pound athlete to his father Danny Woodson Sr., a former Vigor star who broke nearly every school record before going on to play at Alabama.

"My dad has taught me a lot about football but I haven't really seen much film of him playing," said Woodson. "The two guys I really admire the most from the last few years have been Julio Jones and Dez Bryant. They are both guys that can dominate their opponent and make big plays that change the game at any time. I try my best to play like those guys do."

Woodson's family connection to the Crimson Tide may have decided his loyalty as a fan growing up, but now that recruiting is heating up, Woodson says he doesn't believe his years as an Alabama fan will affect his decision.

"I grew up an Alabama fan and really have been one my whole life. My parents both grew up Alabama fans and my dad is a former player so I've always been an Alabama football fan. But for me, playing college football is my dream and it's not necessarily about playing it at a particular school. I want to go wherever I have the best chance to play and be a part of the team. Alabama is going to have the same shot as any other team."

Despite holding just two early offers from Southern Miss and Auburn, Woodson said he believes many other schools are close to offering scholarships as well based on the attention they are showing him.

"I'm pretty sure Alabama and Florida State are both pretty close to sending me offers. I hear a lot from both of them right now."

While Woodson also plays basketball for Vigor, the junior star said his focus rarely extends very far outside of football and academics.

"Outside of basketball and football, I really just focus on school and don't get involved with much else. I'm not the kind of guy that really likes to go out and always be doing something. I spend all my time working on my game or working on my grades. I do a lot of studying and I get extra help with tutoring in the subjects I need help with. To me, football and grades are the most important things I have to focus on and I'm not going to let anything else get in the way."

Woodson plans on taking a few unofficial visits this spring to find out more about schools that have offered him but said he isn't planning on making any decisions until taking his official visits in the fall.

"I might go visit Southern Miss and Auburn this spring, since they have offered me, and I'm also thinking about visiting Florida State this spring if I get a chance. I will probably wait until my official visit this fall to go to Tuscaloosa again just because I've been so many times and I know the place so well."

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