January 12, 2010

Meet the Class of 2010: Trevor Murphy

For the second year in a row, the Colorado State coaching staff has found a Texas recruit with impressive credentials, Honorable Mention All-State accolades and experience working in a cemetery.

At 6-foot-3 and 275 pounds, Trevor Murphy cuts an imposing figure on the field. Off-the-field, Murphy cuts an imposing amount of grass with his father. The two run a lawn care business in Jefferson, Tex. with their biggest clientel being the town cemetary.

"The past two years we have mowed the cemeteries in Jefferson," Murphy said. "There was a bid in the paper and my dad went after it and we got it. We mow three cemeteries and keep those looking good year-round.

"It's kind of freaky. It is a different job."

Murphy joins Conroe, Tex. native and Ram freshman running back Lou Greenwood as Rams with cemetary backgrounds. Greenwood said last season he worked digging graves, while growing up in Texas.

While the job is a little different, it has allowed him to buy his first truck - a Chevy Z-71 as a freshman in high school and, more recently, a four-door F150.

"It is my baby," Murphy said about the truck. "I got that a week before school started in August so I had something to take me up to Colorado."

The Ram coaching staff is also hoping Murphy brings up some of his intensity and technique to Fort Collins. Last season Murphy was named First Team All-District on both sides of the ball, as well as Honorable Mention All-State and Honorable Mention Academic All-State.

"The biggest difference for me this year was I matured," Murphy said. "Every year, I improved. From my freshman year to my senior year I can't tell you how much better my technique is. If you study film and know how the guy in front of your will do before they even do it, that gives you the advantage. Studying film helped me improved a lot and that helped me. It helped me improve to have a coach at home."

Murphy committed to Colorado State in Oct., but held scholarship offers from Louisana Tech, Northwestern State, UTEP, North Texas and his father's alam mater, Stephen F. Austin (Pat Murphy played defensive line for SFA). The younger Murphy said for him, the choice of schools came down to his feelings about the coaching staff.

"I know coaches are going to be nice to you and get you to come to their school and then once they have you there probably treat you like dogs, but, as many times as they have come to Jefferson they are great," Murphy said. "Coach Brown - everything he says just makes sense. I know Coach Duffie is from Jefferson and he will take care of me too. I know I'll be in good hands up there. Plus, not many guys get a chance to just go to one of the nicest places in the country and live there for a little bit."

Murphy's interest in Colorado State may have actually started during a North Texas game where he met fellow Colorado State commitment Mason Myers. Both were at the Florida Atlantic-North Texas game and found out they would be at Fort Collins the next week. Since then, they have become good friends.

Murphy added that his ipod currently holds, among others, Creed and Nickleback, but added he will listen to just about anything and backed it up by admitting Miley Cirus has a place in his rotation. The future Physical Therapy major said he originally decided he was going to coach after college, but has had second thoughts when he found out how much travel was expected out of a college football coach.

While he said he can see himself coming back to Jefferson someday, Murphy now has his sights set on his time in Fort Collins where he said a number of other Texans should help him stave off homesickness. Finding a good Chinese resturaunt will also help - although he already has one in mind.

"Chinese food is my favorite food," Murphy said. "I just ate two egg rolls for lunch. I could eat it every day. It doesn't get old for me. Fried rice is my favorite. I love going to places that cook in front of you. We went to an Mongolian place where they cook food on a round stove in front of you. You get bowls of raw food, you mix it together and they cook it for you. I know I am going to be going there quite a bit when I get there."

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